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ACL Desktop Edition

ACL Desktop Edition expands the depth and breadth of your transactional analysis. It increases your personal productivity and gives you confidence in your findings. Providing a unique and powerful combination of data access, analysis and integrated reporting, ACL Desktop Edition reads and compares enterprise data allowing the source data to remain intact for complete data quality and integrity. It helps you to gain immediate visibility into transactional data critical to your organization.

ACL Desktop Edition enables you to:
  • Analyze entire data populations for complete assurance
  • Identify trends, pinpoint exceptions and highlight potential areas of concern
  • Locate errors and potential fraud
  • Identify control issues and ensure compliance with organizational and regulatory standards
  • Age and analyze financial or any other time-sensitive transactions
  • Cleanse and normalize data to ensure consistency and accurate results
  • Automate analytic testing and receive immediate email notification of results

Data Integrity

ACL Desktop Edition features read-only access to all your enterprise data; source data is never changed, altered or deleted. It reads the data at the source — the data is neither constricted nor aggregated. You can go where you need to, wherever your data investigation requires, confident in the knowledge that data quality and integrity are maintained.

Analysis of Large Data Sets

Take advantage of the capability and unprecedented speed of ACL Desktop Edition to rapidly process transactions, ensuring 100 percent coverage and the utmost confidence in your results. Data analysis tasks in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Ease of Use

Select, identify and format data with ease using the Data Definition Wizard. Directly import and export Excel, Access, PDF and XML data with point & click commands. Flexible and powerful analytic capabilities respect varying technical aptitudes. ACL Desktop Edition features built-in analysis commands so there is no programming language to learn. Get going in days, not months.

Audit Specific

Analytics Commands are pre-programmed for data analysis to provide a full range of analytical power from simple classifications to complex tests and digital analysis. Analyze your data ad hoc, getting immediate results, while following your methodology and investigating exceptions at any time. Move towards continuous monitoring by automating analytical tests through powerful scripts and enable real-time notification. Explore the data rapidly and completely and merge relational data to find answers to questions

Display & Reporting

View your results in an easy-to-understand, tabular format; one tab for each result. Commands display results either as a formatted table or as a graph. The log records activity so that you can review past analysis and quickly retrieve and compare results; gain repeatability and proof. Share preformatted tabular results with other applications. Integrate reports effortlessly into working paper packages, report documents, Crystal Reports®, or any application that accepts HTML.

Common User Interface

ACL Desktop Edition provides a single point-of-view for easy, immediate access to data. For example, with a few clicks, you can move from analyzing server data, to mainframe data, to SAP ERP data, or data stored on networked PCs. This ensures optimized performance today and optimum flexibility in accessing new sources of data tomorrow.

Local Language Interface

ACL Desktop Edition is international, enabling you to read and access both Unicode and non-Unicode data. All versions — including English, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and simplified Chinese — provide assistance through dialog boxes, menus, and help files in the language selected. Work in your own language and you’ll see input, display, and output of scripts and data appropriate for your regional settings, such as currency date/time, and number formatting.

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