Data Warehousing


Designing and building a data warehouse is a demanding task. The challenges range from organizing the data in a way that best reflects your business to building a solid infrastructure for the ETL processes. Each of these aspects is vital for a successful DWH project.

We can help

Intranet Standard consultants have experience in all the phases of creating and maintaining a data warehouse. From ETL processes, to performance optimization, to data design and organization, we have worked in distributed teams with different cultures coordinating development and maintenance.


Throughout the design of a data warehouse we will support you with our extensive experience in financial services, insurance and telecommunications. Together we can make your business activity transparent creating an accurate picture from the KPI level down to a single transaction.

No data warehouse is complete without having slow moving dimensions. We can support here with our extensive experience in historization and its use for reporting. We are well aware of the problems related to performance with this kind of dimension and we offer several in-house solutions.


We have been organizing, supporting and maintaining ETL processes that have to run regularly, several times a day for our customers. Our consultants have worked with the mainstream ETL tools and technologies such as Informatica PowerCenter, Datastage even pure PL/SQL under Oracle. Movement of large data volumes is one of our core competencies.

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