Mobile Applications

We design and develop complex, beautiful, reliable mobile and tablet applications for many different business domains.

We have experience developing applications for such platforms as:

  • iOS (iPhone and iPad)  
  •  Android (phone and tablet)
  •  Windows Smartphone
Whether your idea for an application is simple or complex, we can help with design and development. Please contact us for details. We look forward to hearing from you.

Selected Projects

Applications Used in Manufacturing Industry

We have extensive experience in developing phone and tablet applications that take advantage of built-in device sensors for controlling industrial appliances.

We built one such application to monitor and control a sensor that evaluates the different properties of liquid. The sensor operates by being submerged in the liquid and the user interacts with this sensor through a software application build for an Android device. The device-sensor communication is accomplished via Bluetooth by using commands that adhere to a low level protocol. Not only did we build the Android software, we also fine-tuned the device firmware to meet the communication requirements.

Another industrial sensor application we created interfaces with custom hardware for monitoring special environmental conditions. Our Android solution communicates via Bluetooth with several types of embedded measurement devices to transform, aggregate and present the raw data in convenient formats. Low level device functionality makes it easier for the user to monitor and measure the required parameters within a modern workflow using off-the-shelf devices.

Application Used in Business Industry

We built an application to record all the hours spent on many different tasks. This application allows users to record their work with the simple push of a button, while also giving them a clear view of how much time is spent where. It is available on both desktop and iPhone to allow the user the flexibility to update their hours from anywhere. It also has the option to create an invoice that automatically pulls in all project hours and calculates expenses.


Application Used in Fashion Industry

We created an innovative fashion application for the iPhone, which allows users to share photos of their various outfits. The photos are sent across the internet and the online community can immediately start voting on the outfit that suits them best. This application is also integrated with Facebook, which allows users to share their photos directly with friends, as well as vote other friend's outfits.