Web Applications


Requirements in gathering and documentation is the foundation of a solid solution. While understanding the current process and software is a very important part of it, it should not be the only one. A new solution brings the possibility to abandon the compromises dictated by dated software or old processes. We have designed many intranet corporate applications and implemented our share of standard software so we can help you understand where a streamlined process or a new technology might help the overall effectiveness of your business.

Make or Buy

A clear overview of the products and the technologies on the market, along with correct effort estimate, is the first step to an informed decision. Whether you choose to make or buy, we bring to your decision a wide experience with many standard software and an intimate knowledge of the leading technologies.


If after market research and a cost estimate you decide to go with a custom development, our consultants and developers will work with your technology of choice to implement a streamlined and maintainable solution. Our primary concern is that our development results are a long lived success and to ensure this we keep you involved in every step of the implementation. This way at the hand over you will have all the instruments to maintain and expand upon what we built together.

Life after go-live

When the rubber hits the road, the real work starts. Whether you are looking for a new enhancement, a SLA, or an ASP solution, we are here to support you. Let us find the most appropriate solution based on your internal technical expertise, security requirements and budget.